A selection of short films we have provided casting for;



Official Selection - St.Kilda Film Festival 2019
Official Selection - Victorian Multicultural Film Festival (Winner: People’s Choice)

Written: Mark Bonanno
Directed: Max Miller
Produced : Jess Galea

Carmelina Di Guglielmo
Jemana Stellato Pledger

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 3.58.05 pm.png

Hunter Finkelstein

Directed by Michael Weisler
Produced Jessica Galea

Two families rush to the hospital. Tikva is in heavy labour. The baby is coming! The expecting father, a scholarly Orthodox Jew, arrives at the hospital with his parents and some cousins. From other cars out pour every generation, from great-grandparents down to children. They greet each other warmly. There’s a buzz in the air. But later, when a violent feud breaks out between the two families, in the maternity ward, Tikva will stand before them to protect her newborn son. Funded by the 2018 JIFF Short Film Fund

Tikva - Jana Zvedeniuk
Miriam - Emily Miledge


Before I Go

Frank Ryan survived the drought, he put food on the table for his children and a roof over their heads, and he raised them to be strong enough to face the world. And now he has time on his hands...

We want the best for those we love, but what it we don’t have the words to let them know?

Starring Nick Cain, Lauren Bailey, David Ross Paterson, Maisy Lester-Bryant, Josephine Croft, Chad O’Brien, Stephanie Evison-Williams, Josh Futcher and Anthea Davis.